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Martial Arts, Excercise, Fitness and Self-Defense Skills - This should required for all children!

We know that Martial Arts changes lives! I am sure you have heard this. It is TRUE! As a professional martial arts instructor, I’ve seen thousands of children lives changed. Getting your child into the martial arts is a great gift for life. Sagasu Family Martial Arts tops the list in accomplishments for their students. One mother of two stated she was so happy with how we are helping her children and they are always excited to come.

Kids Love our exciting Instructors and the Interaction on the Floor

Children’s Martial Arts Program at Sagasu Family Martial Arts & Karate Academy is for your Kids! We begin our children’s programs at age 3. We have the right program for them whether they have any previous experience or not. Our caring staff is dedicated to working with every child to develop their martial arts skills but also their life skills! This is most important! We have a practical and logical learning system that is fun, exciting and full of action.

At Sagasu Family Martial Arts Academy, our children’s programs contain:

  • Physical stretching and conditioning
  • Training elements that are aerobic & anaerobic
  • Self-defense that is practical and realistic
  • Excitement! Great workouts! Fun!

Imagine How Great It Will Be…

Your child will develop the confidence that is rock solid to stand up to negative peer pressure and bullies. Just imagine how it will be to see your child as a respectful young person you’ve always wanted them to be. Seeing their fantastic physical shape will be exciting and rewarding. Even their grades and school attitudes will improve. Great futures will lie ahead for them. We get to see these changes everyday. Now you will see them too.

Our classes are age appropriate so YOUR Child Succeeds!

At Sagasu Family Martial Arts & Karate Academy, we ensure the success of all our students by separating them by age as well as by experience. Experienced teaching shows this helps them to learn faster, train safer, and to have a whole lot of fun!

Your Kids will love our Staff and you will too!

You will be impressed with our professionally trained staff. This ensures the success of our programs. Our staffs are educators of the martial arts and are passionate about helping students achieve their goals. Remember the black belt characteristics are from the inside – out!


Training at Sagasu Family Martial Arts Academy might turn out to the best decision you’ve every made for your family. Whatever your goal, “I want my child to become a black belt” or “I want my child to have fun getting in shape,” or “My child needs to learn respect.” We are the school for you.

Our success stories are many. Just the other day we received and email stating that “ My son’s teacher has been greatly impressed over the change over Jay. He is more focused and trying much harder in school. The martial arts has changed our son into a good student.” We are ready for your child to be the next success story. So call us at 913-306-5759 and one of our team members will help you take advantage of our $37.97 Two Session Introductory Class.

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