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Be Prepared to Change Your Life at Sagasu Family Martial Arts Academy of Leavenworth, Kansas

We’d like to welcome you to Sagasu Family Martial Arts & Karate Academy of Leavenworth, Kansas. At our academy we offer the best martial arts instruction offered anywhere in a comfortable and professional atmosphere. Our school is designed to specifically promote efficient and quick learning, exciting classes, and a great experience for all family members of all ages.

World Class Martial Arts, Self Defense and Fitness – You will get them ALL!

The Martial Arts Program offered at the Sagasu Family Martial Arts & Karate Academy of Leavenworth, Kansas is the best, and second to none in our area! We appeal to men, women and children of all experience levels and ages. Our instructors are devoted to helping every student develop their martial arts skills, their self-defense techniques and overall fitness. Our action packed classes give the student a complete martial arts training in practical tactics and common sense self defense. Classes are fun and challenging a fun and motivating.

Here at the Sagasu Family Martial Arts Academy, all our classes provide:

  • Dynamic warm-ups that include stretching and conditioning
  • Elements of training that are aerobic & anaerobic
  • Self-defense that is world class, practical and effective
  • Excitement! Great workouts! Fun!

Becoming a Black Belt is Way of Life

Our training works on the overall black belt characteristics instilling the discipline, the focus, and perseverance in the student. We are instilling in you internally and outwardly these attributes important in our black belt training. Yes, it is building new characteristics that are mentally, physically, and emotionally important in all life skills. At Sagasu Family Martial Arts & Karate Academy, you can easily find a class that meets your busy schedule. Classes are offered for children's karate starting at age 3 and adult's karate, Kung Fu, and Tae Kwon Do and many different martial arts styles. We have specialized classes for women’s self defense, school safety programs, Bully Proof Seminars, and a great number of exciting workshops for all ages.

You Will Really Fall In Love With Our Amazing Staff!

You will be impressed with our diversified staff! All staff members here at Sagasu Family Martial Arts Academy have been professionally trained in a variety of martial arts and required skills. Most importantly they will help you and your children develop those life skills vital in everyday life such as respect, courtesy, patience, self-control and integrity.

Additionally, all our students tell us that after training at our school, they see great improvement in their self-esteem, self-discipline and their drive to try harder each class. Of course this improvement helps them at school, at work as well as their personal lives! One of our Black Belt parents was so proud to see her 13 year old earn his black belt. She stated, "Thanks for all positive influence your school has done for my son." Another mother stated, "Professor Baker is a great role model for our son."

Don’t you think it is time to Make the Right Decision?

Let’s admit it…..training at Sagasu Family Martial Arts Academy might be the best decision you’ve every made for yourself and your family. You may have several goals – "I want to get my Black Belt!" or "I want to get into great physical shape" or "I need to learn some realistic self-defense to protect myself and my family" or "I want to give my child the chance to develop a great all around character essential in life."  Whatever it may be for you, we are the school for you.

We have been in business since 1977 and have so many success stories. We are ready for the next success to be yours. Call us right now at 913-306-5759 and one of our courteous and professional team members will help you take advantage of our $37.97 Two Session Introductory Class.

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