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Excerpt 2 of 3 Indomitable Spirit

Sagasu Martial Arts and Kids Karate

Indomitable spirit is the spark that gives life. Tennessee Williams once wrote, “I think time is a merciless thing. I think life is a process of burning oneself out and time is the fire that burns you. But the spirit of man is a good adversary.” As long as the indomitable spirit remains, there is little that can defeat anyone. Without the indomitable spirit, hope flies away; life becomes harder to face, even to the point of meaninglessness; there is no laughter, love, pain, or truth. A life without pain sounds wonderful, but picture leaning on a stove and never feeling it; Would the gentle touch of a friends hand mean as much if there were no tears? Indomitable spirit gives us these gifts.

This is an excerpt from the homework Sagasu students must complete each month. This is our way of communicating with the parents to ensure continuous progress in life skills at home. To find out more information contact us at 913.297.0900

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