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Excerpt 1 of 3 from September Black Belt Excellence Worksheets

Sagasu Martial Arts and Kids Karate

Indomitable spirit is a hard tenet to grasp- even the words seem hard.

Abominable spirit.

Abdominal spirit.

The words come out all jumbled. But from this tenet comes the strength to not just preserve, but to rise above one’s self.

“There is in this world no such force as the force of a man determined to rise. The human soul cannot be chained,” according to W.E.B. DuBois.

Breaking it down, indomitable means incapable of being overcome, subdued or vanquished. Spirit has a variety of meanings: the soul; the animating life force; the part of a person associated with the mind,will and feelings; strong loyalty and dedication (i.e. team spirit). Spirit also means to impart courage and determination.


Put together, indominable spirit is that part of a person which makes them unique, that part of a person which provides hope, strength and courage to get up and face each day with a smile.  Indomitable spirit is perservence on a long term basis.

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