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Eventually Bullying Will Touch Every Child...

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In One Manner or Another, Bullying Will Touch Every Child

Hey, Parents!

Social media and the news report incidents of bullying amongst the youth on what seems like, an, unfortunately, consistent basis. Most of us have been scrolling through our Facebook news feed and have seen those videos of bullies picking on someone. As unfortunate as this is, it is a reality that will eventually touch every child in one manner or another.

Our staff here at Sagasu Family Martial Arts is working towards building students that can recognize signs of bullying and help prevent it using non-violent techniques. Our goal is to build character in our students to stop the spread of the epidemic. We also nurture a contagious, charismatic and positive attitude that will embolden youth to copy and emulate these positive attributes.

We also recognize that as a martial arts school, there is also the need for a valid form of physical self-defense. Our system allows us the ability to do this in a manner that is non-threatening to those who are apprehensive about physical contact. This starts as early as the Basic Skillz program when we work on fundamental self-defense combinations while they are at the advanced level, which will increase their confidence when dealing with physical contact.

In the Core Skillz program, we take it a step further now that they are emotionally and socially stronger that they were previously. In this program students will be learning and developing the use of "Courage". They are now learning how to control some of their fears and the understanding of what it takes to overcome those emotions. This includes participating drills while practicing the "Courage to hit", "Courage to get hit", and even the "Courage to lead." At this point, some may wish to join our sparring program but most may not yet be at the stage in their intellectual development where they can really put together the real "strategy" behind sparring.

In the Extreme Skillz class is where we now begin developing their sparring ability via the skill "Instinct". At this stage in their social development, they are able to understand that if their friends are not being malicious when they hit them during a sparring match. The first time a student spars another can be an emotional event that can swing from one end of the spectrum to the other. At this stage in their emotional development, they are better prepared to understand and reign in the emotions and not lose their cool. Finally, we work on teaching them basic movement and striking on pads at the beginner levels. At the intermediate level, we work on the application of techniques on a moving partner. We will culminate at the advanced levels working different types of competitive sparring against a partner in which they will have the opportunity to put together everything they have learned.

Our main goal is not to rush our students into sparring, instead, we want to build up their character and confidence because that is what will truly help end the bullying epidemic. Our staff recognizes that self-defense is important, but we also know that approaching it incorrectly will not help our students reach their potential. 

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